Thirupunavasal – a maha kshetram

I mentioned briefly about my visit to Thirupunavasal during my India trip. I wanted to write in detail about this kshetram on whatever I heard and share with you all….

This temple has a uniqueness of the biggest swayambhu lingam. Another interesting fact about the lingam is that it still grows in height. Few years back they made alterations to the nagabharanam as the lingam grew and now it grew again. They are going to make some more attachment to the nagabharanam – isn’t it amazing? It is also believed that Thanjavur lingam was designed after the king had darshan here in this temple. Normally a temple may have 3-4 theerthams but this temple has the uniqueness of having 10 theerthams.

When Sivasri Subbiah Gurukkal told me over phone that only those who have no birth would be blessed to enter the temple, I thought he was saying to make us all come. After listening to the sthala puranam, I realized how true of what he said. This is a moksha kshetram that has been in existence for 4 yugas.

This kshetram came much before Thiruvannamalai. Because of this, there is no Lingodhbavar anywhere. This place is called Vruththa kasi. It is believed that this place existed before Kasi. There is Goddess Durga, whom you can’t worship by looking at her directly due to ugraham. You need to get her darshan through a mirror.

In one of the photos, you can see few sivalingams under a roof. Sri gurukkal told that there are lots of lingams buried under and due to lack of funds etc, they are unable to bring them out. If Lord wishes, they also will come outside soon.

The sthala puranam is extremely interesting to read. In the document attached, read from Page 5 onwards to see the significance of this temple.

Last but not the least, when thatha ummachi went to this temple, He removed His padhuka before even entering into the city limit due to utmost respect to this place.

Sivasri Subbiah gurukkal, who manages this temple explained the sthalapuranam to us and one of the best orators. He is so passionate about the Lord and the temple!! He is extremely cordial and a great person to know. Please call him if you plan to visit and he will gladly help you with darshan. His brother, also named Mahesh, has “vengala kural” and hearing him singing thevaram/thirumurai is a treat to our ears. Sri Subbiah gurukkal can be reached at +919597135774.

A kumbabishekam has been planned for this temple on September 3, 2015. During this event, all 10 theerthams are also going to be cleaned and fixed. To know more about the kumbabishekam event and how you can get involved, please contact Smt Mahalakshmi mami at +919840053289.

I would be considered the most thankless person if I don’t thank Smt Mahalakshmi mami here. Without her help, introduction about this kshetram and the push she gave,  I definitely would not have visited this place at all. I almost decided to return from Avudyar kovil without going to this temple and then Shivaraman suggested a brilliant change of plan that made me go to this place. Million thanks to mami and Shivaraman.

The moolavar (Lord Vruthapureeswarar) is still fresh in my memory – hope He stays in my mind forever!

Om Nama Shivaya!

A travel tip – please do not think that this place is far off. This is very much in reachable place from Trichy and much closer to Pudukottai / Rameswaram. It only requires better planning. I went from Trichy->Pudukottai->Avudayar Kovil->Thirupunavasal and back to Trichy  – all under 7 hours. Had I planned it well, I would have visited Rameswaram also during this trip.

Thirupunavasal1 Thirupunavasal6 Thirupunavasal5 Thirupunavasal4 Thirupunavasal3



18 thoughts on “Thirupunavasal – a maha kshetram

  1. Excellent Mahesh,
    Thanx a lot Beautifully told. When I started reading from the beginning, out of curiosity to visit, thought of writing a separate mail, requesting you to give me clear way etc. but waited till the last sentence. You have furnished informations not only of the temple but also the routes etc with everything one may need to go. We will make the plan to go and we will contact gurukkal mama and Mahalakshmi mama before planning.


  2. Dear Mr.Mahesh,
    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful article about the temple. Impressed and soon plan to visit the temple.
    Jaya Jaya Shankara Hara Hara Shankara…


  3. Dear Mahesh,

    Million thanks to you and namaskaarams……you indeed are blessed…..will plan to go whenever the call comes!

    Thanks again


  4. In the Introduction paragraph it is mentioned Thirupunavasal is nearer to Trichy/Pudukkottai.A look ar the Map shows it is near Pattukkottai and near to Rameswaram..Trichy/Pudukkottai is far off.Obvious ly
    Pattukkottai is mistaken as Pudukkkottai



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  6. Thanks a ton. I have been on a lookout for this place. My brother mentioned about this place during one of our conversations. I have plans to visit this temple within a week’s time.


  7. Today I visited this maha-kshetram. Seems to be a very old temple. I felt a lot of positive vibrations in the presence of lord. I heard that this is the biggest lingam in the world with square avudayar. The other lingams at Thanjavur anf Gangai konda Shozhapuram have circular ones.Temple Gopuramams are being re-painted for the Kumbhabhishekam scheduled for September 2015. Those who plan to visit this temple can also consider visiting Thruivadani – 30 minutes drive from this place.


    1. I am glad you visited this place. With His blessings, you now officially do not have another janma! IT is such a great kshetram…..I am so glad that this blog helped one devotee to visit this temple….. >


  8. can anybody say the route and the timing of temple to visit
    route means exact route from Trichy to thirupunavasal with bus details and journey timings


    1. hi vignesh just now i seen ur reply, my kula deiva temple is in thirupaanavaasal .
      swamy name is karuppana samy
      now my doubt is when the poojas take place in karuppannasamy


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